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Flea Control Suggestions


The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides suggests how to avoid fleas without using pesticides.
Fleas have been called "the bane of every dog and cat owner." If you feel that way, here are common sense ways of controlling flea problems. 

• Wash your pet's bedding regularly. It's a common place for flea eggs to develop and hatch.
• Flea comb your pet as often as necessary.
• Try a flea trap. Studies have found they catch between 10% and 95% of the fleas in a room.
• Vacuum often. Vacuuming can remove over 95% of the fleas in an area.
• If your pet brings fleas in from outdoors, consider using flea-eating nematodes (tiny worms) in areas where your pet spends time.

To see NCAP's information about managing fleas, click

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