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CEED Centre Society Services
Online Courses

The CEED Centre Society offers more than 350 online courses at a deep discount via the Pacific Community Networks Association and LearnKey Canada. The courses range from Cisco and Microsoft network certification and programming languages to application programs, such as Access 2000 or Adobe InDesign, as well as business and communication skills. See the course catalogue.

Consultation and Referrals

We provide telephone (604-463-2229), email and drop-in support and referrals for issues related to sustainable lifestyles and business practises. We are consulted about topics ranging from non-toxic household cleaning products, alternatives to pesticides, organic practices, water treatment, forestry and agricultural practices, renewable energy, transportation, land use, food security and conservation.

Hands On Training

Through our garden projects and workshops at the Centre and other community sites, we offer hands-on training in sustainable organic practices. We also serve as a conduit for leading-edge concepts and theories and provide a forum for discussion of environmental issues. One example is the support we have extended for the educational activities of the Campaign for Pesticide Reduction Maple Ridge, which aims to eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides in residential areas.


The Port Haney Resource Centre has a reference library of somewhat dated material on environment related issues, including books, periodicals and video tapes. We are currently building an online PDF library on a wide range of topics to update our knowledge base. We welcome support in researching and indexing these topics.

Community Facilitation

Developing solutions to community issues often involves a wide range of participants from the community, business and government. When the need for impartial coordination arises amongst the various stakeholders, the CEED Centre Society plays a leading role, helping to bring the parties together.


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