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About the CEED Society

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The CEED Society is dedicated to community education on environment and development. Over the years, the Society has initiated numerous campaigns, opened forums on vital topics and worked with other groups to achieve community goals. Today, the Society is still tackling issues with a significant public education quotient.


"To support community members educating other community members on environmental and social issues."

  • To educate the community to become media literate and to encourage communications within the community.
  • To educate community members on the value of social cooperation and participation.
  • To provide a forum for educational discussions on issues of cultural and social relevance.
  • To educate people in methods of social problem solving that emphasize the spirit of cooperation and open-mindedness.
  • To educate the community on the implications of global problems on the local community.
  • To facilitate community projects involving other community organizations.


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