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CEED Centre Society Volunteers

The Society offers a range of opportunities for volunteers to become involved in its programs and the community.

  Do you have an interest in environment and development issues? Come and help us research the lastest information available on the web for our PDF library.

  Interested in getting your hands dirty? Consider joining our food bank program to grow food in our community gardens for those who most need fresh organic produce.

  How about sharing your organic farming knowledge with others? Join our garden mentoring program.

  Concerned about the effects of pesticides on your family? Volunteer with the Campaign for Pesticide Reduction! Maple Ridge.

  Do you have an idea for a program? Contact us by email or telephone: (604) 463-2229.

Volunteer News

Click on this link to see the latest information for volunteers.Picture of Danielle Fantillo, director of a movie for the Campaign for Pesticide Reduction Maple Ridge




Danielle Fantillo directed, produced and edited a movie in 2005 as a volunteer for the Campaign for Pesticide Reduction Maple Ridge.

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