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Campaign for Pesticide Reduction!
Maple Ridge

Who We Are

CPR! MR is a volunteer group of citizens, with membership in almost all the major environmental organizations in our community, who have been meeting over the last two years to raise awareness of the dangers of commonly used lawn care and household chemicals.

At the heart of our various outreach, education and lobbying efforts is the belief that our collective health is threatened by the long-term effects of and combined exposures to the man-made chemicals we experience in all facets of our daily life.

We firmly believe that use of potentially dangerous chemicals must be avoided if safer alternatives exist, especially since there are many natural alternatives available for home and yard applications.

CPR! MR members are also part of a loosely-based, nation-wide network of like-minded grassroots groups sharing research, information and strategies to make Canadian communities safe for our developing children, families and pets.

Contact Us

Our strength in seeing this work to completion depends on the contributions of a wide variety of community members. If you are also concerned that chemical use in our community should be restricted and, eventually, limited, please contact either our spokesperson, Maria Raynolds at 604-467-2783 or the CEED Centre Society at
(604) 463-2229, e-mail:

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