Community Education on Environment and Development

Natural Lawn Care

What is a beautiful lawn?

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Going Natural

Going natural may mean you need to accept a lighter green color, a few weeds, and mowing a little higher than you're used to. But you'll still have a healthy, good-looking lawn that's easier on the environment.  And that's a good deal for everybody.

Lawn - Mowed

A pesticide free lawn (mowed).

Lawn - not mowed

Lovely buttercups will attract butterflies (same lawn, not mowed).

Here's how to get started:

  1. Preparing your soil for a healthy lawn
  2. Lawn seeding
  3. Proper mowing
  4. Proper fertilizing
  5. Proper watering
  6. Improving poor lawns
  7. Chemical-free lawns
  8. Avoid 'Weed & Feed' and other chemicals
  9. Consider alternatives to grass
  10. Coping with Chafer Beetles (pending)
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