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Smart watering for healthier plants

Water deeply, but infrequently

Most plants do best if the soil is allowed to partially dry out between waterings. In lawns, a loss of shine or footprints staying in the lawn because it's drooping indicate that it's time to water.

Vegetables and other annuals should be watered at the first sign of droop, but tougher perennials (plants that live several years) only need water if they stay droopy after it cools off in the evening.

Trees and shrubs usually don't need any watering, once their roots are fully established (one to three years).

Make sure you're reaching the roots

Moisten the whole root zone. Watering deeply builds deeper, healthier root systems. To see if you are watering deep enough to moisten the whole root zone, dig in with a trowel after watering to check the depth.

Make every drop count

Some easy ways to lower water bills and get more water to plants include:

Rain Barrels

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