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Avoid 'Weed & Feed' or other chemicals

Pesticides and herbicides can be harmful

These products may damage soil and lawn health and pollute our waterways. Some studies also suggest that use of pesticides may harm our health.

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1. 'Weed & Feed' is overkill.

When you use 'Weed & Feed' products on your lawn, you're spreading both weed killers and fertilizer. Think about it: you're putting herbicides on every inch of your lawn, even if you only have a few dandelions. Many professional landscapers don't like 'Weed & Feed' products because they waste money by using chemicals where they aren't needed.

2. 'Weed & Feed' may harm streams and lakes.

Scientists doing water quality testing commonly find the three weed killers in most 'Weed & Feed' products (2,4-D, MCPP and dicamba) in  our streams. Even if you don't live near the water, pesticides from your yard could travel through storm drains-untreated-to the nearest stream, lake or river. Quick-release fertilizers, commonly used in most weed and feed products, apply a quick and heavy dose of nutrients to the lawn, and are more likely to wash off into local lakes. This increases algae growth in lakes and reduces oxygen levels, killing fish and other organisms.

3. Pesticides may not be so great for you and your kids.

Children are at high risk from pesticide exposure. They are more likely to be exposed, and they are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals. Some medical studies have found an increased risk of cancer and other health problems from the use of yard and garden pesticides. In a science journal review of 98 health studies related to the use of herbicides and other pesticides, half the studies found an increased cancer risk.

4. Pesticides and quick-release fertilizers may damage your lawn.

Healthy lawns grow on healthy soil. Earthworms and other soil organisms keep the soil healthy. By moving through the soil, they allow water and air to penetrate, and they recycle thatch back into nutrients that the grass can use. Overuse of pesticides and quick-release fertilizers can seriously harm the health of your soil and increase lawn disease. This makes it much harder to grow a green lawn without relying on chemicals.

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