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The Municipality of Maple Ridge has partnered with the Campaign for Pesticide Reduction (CPR) to promote the reduction of pesticides used cosmetically.

Every time you apply a synthetic, chemical- based pesticide to your lawn and garden, you are exposing your family, neighbors, pets, fish, beneficial insects and wildlife to a wide range of harmful chemicals.

In 2004 over 3,500 people in Maple Ridge signed a petition asking that the cosmetic use of pesticides be restricted.

There are alternatives…

…and they work!

To learn more about reducing your risk and creating a healthier home, garden and environment by eliminating the use of pesticides browse this website or

Contact Campaign for Pesticide Reduction

604 463 2229



  The Campaign for Pesticide Reduction! Maple Ridge

  Facts & Figures about Pesticides

  Warnings Published about Pesticides

  Natural Garden Care

  Natural Lawn Care

  What Are Other Communities Doing?

  Additional On-line Resources


Thanks: A great deal of the information contained on this web site is taken, with permission, from the web site of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, King County, Washington, USA.


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