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Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Environmental Council (MRPMEC)

Environmental organizations and stewardship groups in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area are exchanging information and making consensus positions of the environmental community known to their government representatives and civil servants as members of MRPMEC, which was formed on November 28, 2005.

Most MRPMEC communications take place via email and the group site ( to avoid time-consuming meetings. We welcome eligible new group members.

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Environmental Council


Executive Summary

MRPMEC was created to enhance inter-organization cooperation and help guide the process of rapid growth that Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are expected to undergo over the next three to five decades.


We have an opportunity to make a good situation better. The Districts of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are at a critical juncture in their development as they decide the policies and practices that will shape their communities into the distant future. We are lucky to have a diverse array of people and organizations interested in taking an active stewardship role in the environmental field. The present opportunity is to use that diverse interest to make our collective stewardship more effective.

  MRPMEC is intended to reflect and utilize the diversity of its constituent stakeholders to help guide the process of rapid growth that Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are expected to undergo into the future.


MRPMEC has two main purposes. Its first function is to facilitate the exchange of information among constituent groups. Each organization prepares a monthly summary of its activities and issues. This information is circulated to all members as well as relevant municipal offices, public libraries and institutes. The collected reports are published periodically as a record of the Districts' environmental involvement and initiatives. The reports include a directory of organizations and spokespersons, serving as a tool to improve the inter-organizational flow of information.

    On the basis of this information, the constituent groups and stakeholders coordinate activities, identify areas of concern and set District-wide priorities.

  The second purpose is to provide strong and consistent advice on environmental issues on which consensus can be reached in the Districts to all levels of government. The role of the council is not to override the position of any one stakeholder if opinions differ, but to serve as a vehicle for communicating consensus positions. A secondary purpose will be to facilitate informal feedback between stewardship groups and governments.  


Participation in MRPMEC and monthly reporting provides the stakeholders with information on other groups' activities to avoid scheduling conflicts and duplication and to solicit assistance. We hope that opportunities for collaboration will also increase.

  The collected reports provide a comprehensive ongoing record of environmental activities and collaboration in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows that can be used in funding applications. It may serve as a model for other jurisdictions.

  The Council can also serve as a vehicle to quickly distribute information and mobilize people on fast-moving issues. Governments are able to efficiently collect opinions of the most active stakeholders in the community on environmental issues.

  The monthly summaries dispense with the need for frequent meetings, making the Council very efficient.


Membership on the Council is open to any organization or collective entity involved in environmental activities, stewardship of natural resources, or in the non-industrial use of natural resources. Membership is limited to organizations and multi-person entities, and does not extend to individuals.


The underlying philosophy is to achieve the objectives without adding significantly to the stakeholders' administrative burdens.

    Each MRPMEC member provides a brief summary (one page or less) of its activities in electronic format by the first week of each month. The Council meets thrice annually in person and corresponds via email. Additional meetings may be held from time to time, but these are kept to a minimum.

Organization and Procedures

MRPMEC has a general assembly and a spokesperson. The general assembly is open to all members of the constituent groups, but each group is only entitled to a single vote and must designate a single representative. The MRPMEC only publicizes issues that have the absolute consensus of the general assembly, which is solicited electronically.

    The spokesperson is responsible for collating member votes and communicating consensus positions to the public.

    Christian Cowley, Executive Director of the CEED Society (CEED Centre Society), is the current spokesperson.

Charter Members


Alouette Field Naturalists

Alouette River Management Society

Blue Mountain Kanaka Creek Conservation Group

CEED Society

Haney Horsemen Association

Kanaka Education and Environmental Partnership Society

Pitt Polder Preservation Society

Residents for the Preservation of Thornhill

Silver Valley Neighbourhood Association

New Members

Membership on the Council is open to any organization or collective entity involved in environmental activities, stewardship of natural resources, or in the non-industrial use of natural resources. Individuals must be a member of a constituent group to be included in the email list. For more information email the Spokesperson or call 604-463-2229 during office hours (Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm).


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