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Volunteer News
Recent Recruits

Nancy Wang, Pitt Meadows (Started Jan 2007), History Project

Chuck Bryan, Maple Ridge (Started Jan 2007), History Project

Volunteer Lists

2006 Volunteers

Prior Years

History Project

We recently put out a call for history buffs to fill in the gaps in the Society's record. Within hours, volunteers Nancy Wang and Chuck Bryan agreed to take on this project. They will be scanning photos and clippings to acknowledge past and present volunteers and writing summaries to record the community activities undertaken by the Society. We can still accommodate more volunteers to research our past and contact the people involved.

Calling Organic Practioners

Do you garden organically? If so, please consider sharing your knowledge with others through workshops at the CEED Centre. You do not need to be an expert in all aspects of gardening to consider helping. For example, if you know how to cultivate specific plants or categories organically, consider an informal, hands-on presentation using the CEED Centre Organic Community Garden. We also plan to present pesticide alternatives workshops and would appreciate input from both experts and lay practitioners.

Maintenance Volunteers

We are recruiting volunteers to help operate the CEED Centre. Handy
with tools? We are looking for carpenters to rebuild our wheelchair ramp and reinstall a window.

Computer Volunteers

Mentor your fellow citizens on the basics of computer and Internet use. and providing referrals on environment and development issues to drop-in visitors. In particular, we are looking for a key volunteer willing to commit to a regular schedule of their choosing.


How about green thumbs? We are seeking gardeners to spruce up the common areas of the CEED Centre Organic Community Garden.

We also want gardeners to help grow and water the food bank beds at the CEED Centre Organic Community Garden in the spring and summer.



Now is the time to consider a community energy policy and alternative energy installations for our area. Help us research these topics.

Contact the Executive Director during office hours from Monday to Wednesday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, at (604) 463-2229.

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